२०८० मंसिर १९, मंगलवार
December 5, 2023, Tuesday

No Shortage Of Food Grain In Quarantine-CM Bhatta

Roshan Kathayat

Doti Sudurpaschim state chief minister Trilochan Bhatta has assured that there would be no shortage of food grains to citizens quarantined in nine districts of the state.    

In a telephonic conversation with Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), Chief Minister Bhatta said necessary arrangement has been made in such a way that no citizens returned from India and kept in quarantines for safety purpose would face any problems.    
“I have instructed the authorities concerned to arrange logistics needed for health checkup, food grains and accommodation for all citizens”, he said.    
Chief Minister however called for support from all sides to tackle possible outbreak of COVID-19. He also urged the citizens to stay at home and adopt preventive measures to remain safe as the virus can infect anyone.    
He also assured the citizens to not get scared of enforcement of lockdown since the state government has already allocated adequate budget for all local levels in Sudurpaschim for adopting measures required for the control and prevention of virus outbreak.    
He shared that the Sudurpaschinm government has allocated budget amounting to Rs 115 million for the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic.    
“The government has enforced the lockdown for the safety of the citizens. I request all the residents of the state to follow the government directives and stay safe at home”, he added. The chief minister also called for all people to consult with nearby health facilities if any health problems emerged.    
He also informed that the government has directed all local levels to ensure smooth supply of most essentials to all quarantine facilities set up in Sudurpaschim state for mitigation of possible infection of coronavirus.    
He also shared that 311 India returnees have been kept at quarantines set up in different local levels of the far-western districts.

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